Pint Perfection with BIRRA MORETTI Assets to download

Everything you’ll need to pour the perfect pint of Birra Moretti and be rewarded for your efforts.



Here’s to the perfect pint. Salute!

Welcome to the Birra Moretti Pint Perfection asset library. Here you’ll find a short training video with guidance on how to pour the perfect Birra Moretti, social assets to excite your customers, and ways for you, your team and your customers to win prizes.


In Italy, we’re passionate about making the most of life’s simple pleasures and savouring the joy they bring. And – as you know – one of life’s simplest pleasures is a perfectly poured pint.

Everything you’ll find below is designed to equip you and your team to serve authentic Birra Moretti pints and entice more customers to take a sip of perfection. A mixture of social assets will keep your channels buzzing and position your outlet as the ideal spot to drink while you run this campaign. Salute!

Instagram & Facebook

Help your customers to picture pint perfection and drum up excitement for the Villa Moretti staycation prize with these social images. Made for your outlet’s Instagram posts and Stories, as well as your Facebook newsfeed, cover photo and carousels.


Some images and tweet ideas to help you promote the perfect pints you’re pouring, and to shout about the chance to win a stunning Italian-inspired UK staycation at Villa Moretti.

How the customer competition works

Before they order, table talkers will alert customers to the competition. You’ll pour the perfect Birra Moretti, they’ll snap and upload a photo of it onto the Birra Moretti microsite via the QR code or URL. Then they’ll be entered into the draw to win a UK staycation trip to Villa Moretti. And, if a curious customer asks, everything you need to know is in the competition T&Cs below.

Rewards for you and your staff

Perfection deserves recognition! That’s why if the winning customer takes a photo of their perfect pint in your outlet, you and your staff will win a group experience to the value of £2,500. Spend it on a simple pleasure of your choice. Explore the T&Cs below for everything you’ll need to know.


The temperature it’s served at, the glass it’s in, and the way it’s poured can make all the difference to ensuring each pint of Birra Moretti is at its best. Here’s how to impress every time, and win those Love2shop vouchers from mystery shoppers without fail.