Tomato and Pepper Bruschetta



Serves 4

Cherry tomatoes 
6 garlic cloves, finely sliced
1 red pepper
1 green pepper
1 yellow pepper
1 tbsp fresh, chopped basil 
1 tbsp fresh, chopped oregano
Olive oil
Baguette or rustic loaf of bread, sliced



For the pepper bruschetta:
Roast the peppers on the BBQ or grill until black. Allow the peppers to cool before peeling the charred skin from the pepper. Wash the peppers then pull the pepper apart to make a slit so that the water drains from the inside. Leave to dry for half an hour in a colander.

Once the peppers have dried, warm 8 slices of bread in the toaster or grill. While the bread toasts, tear the peppers into strips with your hands and place in a bowl. Add the chopped garlic, salt and olive oil and place on top of the sliced, warmed bread to serve.  

For the tomato bruschetta:
Warm 8 slices of bread in the toaster or grill.

While the bread is toasting, half and quarter the cherry tomatoes and place in a bowl, add half the chopped garlic and mix together with olive oil, salt, oregano and basil.

Once the bread is warmed, place on plates and top with the tomato mixture to serve. 

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