Trattoria Birra Moretti

Join an Italian dining experience with a twist. Bring your own table to Trattoria BIRRA MORETTI to dine with our chef Gennaro Contaldo.

Ciao, amici! How would you like to dine at Trattoria BIRRA MORETTI with me, Gennaro? The catch is, you’ll have to bring your own table!

If carrying a table through central London doesn’t bring you closer with your friends, then my delicious cooking definitely will!

Get your tickets now!

Ciao! It looks like all of the spaces at our Trattoria are booked for now. Check back on June 11th when we make more spaces available. For closing dates and full terms, click here. 



Don’t Worry About Your Table

All tables are welcome! Square tables, round tables, coffee tables and pottery tables. Pool tables, massage tables, times tables and operating tables (we’d ask first though). And don’t worry about food, chairs or BIRRA MORETTI either! We’ve got that covered.


Do Check You Fit At The Table First

If you’ve got too many friends to fit, lucky you! You’ll need a bigger table for the night though. Make sure you can fit you and up to three friends around the table.


Don’t Eat Beforehand

Lugging around a table will work up an appetite and make Gennaro’s food taste all the sweeter for it.


Don’t Fret If You Arrive Empty Handed

For a small donation to our selected charity, choose from a selection of fine furnishings to sit at.


Do enjoy a bottle of BIRRA MORETTI upon arrival

But drink responsibly. You’ll have to take the table back when you’re done!